web projects

reid classics

For over 80 years, Reid Classics has created exquisite, heirloom antique reproduction beds by hand. Their unmatched craftsmanship has become world-renowned, with beds featured in countless design publications and homes.

With numerous upcoming projects, the small family company needed a site to vibrantly showcase its beautiful work. I redesigned their website to prominently feature photographs of Reid Classics pieces, and enhanced the copy to pay homage to the legacy of the decades-old family craft. The result is an elegant, hardworking site, for the most delightful of clients.

Before and after images are displayed below.

jamie quatro

A static website couldn't keep up with creative powerhouse Jamie Quatro. The award-winning author needed a new online presence to cleanly showcase her acclaimed debut story collection, a forthcoming novel, and multiple features in a variety of esteemed publications.

Above all Ms. Quatro desired simplicity and subtlety, which is evident by the generous white space and simple format of the final design. Her accolades, press, and events are concisely conveyed with a single clean serif font, and are accented by appealing imagery. The site is peppered with external links to her work and Twitter account, keeping the content dynamic and relevant. 

I handled site design, as well as content management and development for this project.

Laurel Powell architecture + design

With multiple recent style features in magazines and showhouses, Chattanooga-based interior designer Laurel Powell wanted copy to reflect her success and articulate services to prospective clientele.

It was important to describe the full scale of her skills: from architectural design, to construction oversight, to interior finishes. To comprehensively communicate Laurel's services,  I emphasized her skill and experience in the practice of architecture, her globally inspired and historically detailed interior design, as well as her dedication to her clients' tastes and lifestyles.

For this project, I was engaged for copywriting services only.

LPD Copy Screen Cap.png
“Working on messaging with Rhett was easy and fun! She facilitated the process of putting our business into words and eloquently explained our story, characteristics, and goals.”
— Laurel Powell

southern lit alliance

Southern Lit Alliance (So Lit) is a longstanding literary arts organization in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Originally established along with twelve other agencies by a Ford Foundation grant in the 1950s, it is the only one remaining. At the grand age of 64, it continues to grow and evolve to reflect the needs of its community. 

Age, however, can take its toll on relative branding. How is an organization based on old-school traditions supposed to stay relevant in a constantly developing technological age? Southern Lit Alliance needed a refreshing brand suite and energetic messaging to reinvigorate its mission in Chattanooga. 

The new designs had to resonate with increasingly younger and trendier audiences, yet remain classic enough for consistent patrons and formal presentations to local sponsors and foundations.

We centered on a theme of connectivity, by describing how the literary arts bring people together through shared reading and creative writing experiences. Everyone loves a good story, and Southern Lit Alliance is a full-fledged organization that weaves stories within a whole city through innovative programs and outreach.

As Director of Marketing, I crafted the web copy and redesigned the site template.   

“Rhett was instrumental in bridging the legacy of the Southern Lit Alliance’s rich history and persona with our newly rejuvenated organization and more diversified audience. Her eye for original branding and talents for cohesive and fresh messaging, coupled with her expertise in web design and social media management, helped to successfully relaunch the face of our organization in the community”
— Darcy Welch, Former Executive Director

fellowship of southern writers

Founded in 1987 by the likes of Eudora Welty, Walker Percy, and Horton Foote, the Fellowship of Southern Writers is a nonprofit organization which encourages the creation and development of literature in the South.

The FSW achieves its mission by commemorating outstanding literary achievement, encouraging young writers through awards, prizes, and fellowships, and by recognizing distinction in writing by election to membership.

Though each individual member of the Fellowship has been lauded as an exceptional creative, there was no cohesive brand for the society as a whole. It needed a structured website to highlight the bios and latest accomplishments of its members, and beautiful commissioned photographs by Curt Richter. 

Now, their fascinating story and mission have gone digital, allowing the Fellowship to continue making strides in identifying and rewarding incredible literary talent throughout America.

I managed this project as Director of Marketing for Southern Lit Alliance, a partner organization.

“Rhett rebuilt our website and did a beautiful job. With her technological skills and artistic eye, she was able to provide our organization with just what we needed. Her work is superior and she is also punctual with her delivery and a pleasure to work with.”
— Jill McCorkle, Chancellor