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Room for a View

For the spring '17 issue of Paprika Southern I covered the evolution of the porch in American architecture. Such a beautiful design element was once entirely utilitarian and emblematic of the values of American society. Rapidly developing technology caused a decline in the prominence of the porch as we see in mid-twentieth century architecture such as the ranch house. 

This piece, a call to action, encourages readers to remember the spirit of the American porch as a gateway to one's community, nature, and the world. 

Full article available in Paprika Southern, vol. 2, issue 3. 

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Cutting Down to Size

Living through a home renovation and getting married in the same year is no small feat. For the December '16 issue of Paprika Southern, I revisited the broad spectrum of emotions I felt during a year of total chaos and change. While writing, it was pleasant to look back and laugh over the anxieties and upsets, and delight in the lessons I learned in patience, love, and release. 

Full article available in Paprika Southern, vol. 2, issue 2. 


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Amplifying the City

The revitalization of Chattanooga’s downtown drew a new wave of people interested in everything from trendy restaurants to outdoor attractions. Now, city and community leaders are making a concerted effort to promote music and entertainment as the next crucial component of Chattanooga’s draw.

Once overlooked when compared to such music cities as Memphis – the birthplace of rock n’ roll – and Nashville – the country music capital – Chattanooga is finally getting its due as a musical force of its own. This burgeoning reputation is closely linked to a major push by local officials to increase tourism in Chattanooga by creating entertainment hotspots that appeal to the various tastes of residents and tourists alike. 


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What Every Parent Should Know About Working Memory

Think about the series of commands you might give your child on a school night: “It’s time for bed! Put away your toys, change into your PJs, and brush your teeth!” Maybe your child put away his toys and got into his PJs, but forgot to brush his teeth. If your child frequently loses track of tasks like these, it’s possible he may struggle with working memory.

Kids with limited working memory are not unintelligent and can learn as much as others in the classroom. Without intervention though, they may repeatedly experience cognitive overload. The good news is there are some immediate steps you can take if you think your child may have issues with working memory.

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Am I Drinking Too Much?

When life throws stress and problems our way, many of us enjoy the comfort of a glass of wine or a few beers. But no matter how normal or moderate we believe our drinking habits may be, the line between habit and dependency is easily blurred.

Subtle signs of self-medicating, or the use of substances to cope with life’s challenges, may sneak into your drinking tendencies. If you are prone to stress and anxiety and you drink, be mindful of these warning signs that could indicate a growing reliance. By practicing self-awareness, you can safeguard your emotional and physical health without sacrificing your lifestyle.