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Wine Tasting on Hvar Island, Croatia

A write up after a decadent introduction to the underrated wines of the Dalmatian coast. Our tour led us through vineyards that have been harvested since the Ancient Greeks and on roads built by Napoleon's men to two boutique winemakers that are producing luscious wines. Don't let the Slavic names intimidate you, these wines are for all (if only we could figure out how to ship them to America)! 

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, hailed as the β€œPearl of the Adriatic,” is worth every bit of the hype and more. Exploring this city was an incredible journey through hundreds of years of architecture and history. It was definitely crowded when Rob and I went in early September, however, we were able to escape the masses by finding nooks and crannies we loved. September in Croatia was simply transcendent. We were met by brilliant blue skies, warm temperatures, mild breezes, and seawater that was spa-like.